Success Stories

The BDSM diet is a brand new system, but our trial clients have already met with great success.  So far we are 4 for 4.  Would you like to be our next success story?

Susan C. lost 27 pounds on the "Feeling a bit subby"plan in just 12 weeks!




Mistress X dropped 5 dress sizes and squeezed into a pvc dress she hasn't fit in since Sin-a-Matic was the happening club in Hollywood on the "turn up the volume" plan.


Slave Maria lost over 12 pounds in her first 3 weeks on "turn up the volume" plan (see photos here)


And finally, Andrea went from obese and depressed to a shocking size 4 on the "lots of pain, lose the gain" program.  It took surprisingly little time, and she now weighs a spritely 105# (in manacles) and says she is happier and more energetic than she has felt since the 90's!






(all photos are ACTUAL photos of our clients before, during, and samples of our free glamour shoot from after their training program.)


Apply now and be our next amazing success story!